Why You Need To Outsource Content Creation

Content is king. Or Queen, in the interests of equality.

In my previous article, I explained why your business needs a blog.

It has been shown time and time again that businesses who have a strong content marketing strategy drive more traffic to their website, more leads and more clients.

But, for some reason, it is not a priority for many companies. Why is that?

Content creation is the hardest part of inbound marketing

Angela DeFranco, Hubspot

It can be challenging, it is time-consuming and it never quite feels like the most important thing to do on your ever-growing to-do list. It gets pushed back and back, and just never gets done.

For this reason, businesses, whatever field they are in, should seriously consider outsourcing their content creation to a third-party.

Outsouce your content creation
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Content creation is about telling your story to your audience. It gives your brand humanity and helps you to establish you as someone who knows what they are talking about. Many business owners think that because this is quite personal, they are the best people to write their content.

Content creation is about telling your story to your audience. It gives your brand humanity and helps you to establish yourself as someone who knows what they are talking about. Click To Tweet

This is true, to an extent. You know your story better than anyone else. But, if you aren’t writing it, well, it’s not getting heard is it?

Content writers, such as myself, are experienced in telling other people’s stories. We don’t just write what we think people want to hear. We talk to business owners; we find out their stories, what makes them tick. We combine this with our years of experience and create a piece of content that not only tells your story but is well written, engaging and correctly optimised for SEO.

Still not convinced? Here are three more reasons why you should outsource your content creation:

Outsourcing your content creation can save you money

You know the benefits of producing high-quality content for your website, but you simply don’t have time to do it, right? So, you go online and put out job ads for an in-house content creator. They’ll produce tonnes of exciting, fresh content that really makes your business shine.

It will cost you. A lot.

Paying a salary to an in-house member of staff, as well as all the benefits that an employee will get – holiday pay, maternity or paternity pay, sick days, pension contributions, additional training and the initial costs of recruitment – it all adds up.

By outsourcing your content creation to a freelancer or a digital marketing agency, you have someone with all of the expertise that you need, without all the expenses. All you pay for is their time – and believe me, it is worth every penny.

Outsourcing your content creation can help with consistency

Search engines like consistency. Readers like consistency. If you post three articles a week, and then nothing for two months, it is going to not only affect your search engine ranking, but it gives the impression that you are not committed or can’t be bothered. That’s not a vibe you want to be giving out to potential customers.

A professional content creator will agree on a posting schedule with you, based on your requirements, and will produce high-quality content that is edited, optimised and ready to go according to your schedule, whether that is once a week or three times a week.

It allows you to focus on your business

As Benjamin Franklin famously said, ‘time is money’, and when it comes to your business, that saying has never been so true. If you are working on content, you aren’t working on other areas of your business. You can outsource the content creation to someone else; you can’t outsource growing your business.

If you are looking to outsource your content creation an experienced content creator who knows how to tell your story and make your business shine, get in touch with me today!

Why You Need To Outsource Content Creation

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