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What Is Evergreen Content And Why Does Your Site Need It?


It’s not just a Will Young song.

It’s also a really important form of content that can benefit your site massively.

But what is it? And how does it help?

evergreen content
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What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is content that is relevant all year round, hence the name. It is content that is considered sustainable and lasting.

Of course, blog content doesn’t disappear, but when we are talking about evergreen content, we are referring to content that remains relevant whether it is January or June. ‘Super Simple Lolly Stick Christmas Trees‘ is going to be a popular post around Christmas, but by December 26th, it’s more than served its purpose. However, a post on how to check whether your sofa is made from real or fake leather is going to be helpful at any time of the year. I posted that post on my other blog, Coffee Cake Kids in July 2015, and it still gets hundreds of views every single month.

What isn’t evergreen?

To help you better understand what content would be considered evergreen, it might be helpful to look at specifically what is not evergreen.

  • Articles related to a specific season or event, such as Christmas or Halloween
  • Articles focused on a particular trend or fashion
  • News articles
  • Statistical articles where the information will change or go out of date

Content that is evergreen has virtually no expiration date and will keep it’s value long after it was written and published.

Content that is evergreen has virtually no expiration date and will keep it's value long after it was written and published. Click To Tweet

What are some common evergreen styles?

  • How-to instructional articles
  • Video
  • Listicles
  • Top tips
  • Informational texts
  • Product reviews

Just because your content is written in this style does not mean that is necessarily evergreen, but when you are writing evergreen content, these styles work particularly well. For instructional content, videos or a set of images to illustrate each step can be helpful.

Topics that are usually evergreen

  • Money saving and finance
  • DIY
  • Parenting
  • Crafts such as knitting or sewing
  • Weight loss
  • Food and recipes
  • Animal care

It is important that when you are creating content for your business blog that your topics are relevant. If, for example, you are selling desks for home offices, you could write about ‘how to organise your home office’ or ‘top tips for being productive while working from home’.

The problem that many content creators have is that when it comes to evergreen content, a lot of it has already been done. When this is the case, a unique perspective. more depth and additional details are important. Long-tail keywords are worth researching, especially if they have plenty of volume without lots of competition.

Combine it with SEO techniques

As part of your digital content strategy, evergreen content is valuable, but when combined with SEO techniques, it can be incredibly powerful. Try to base your content around the keywords that you want your site to be ranked on. It doesn’t matter how evergreen your content is if people are not looking for it or it is not relevant for your site. Always make sure that you do your keyword research.

Also, make sure that you follow basic SEO strategies – which I will be covering in a separate post soon – including using alt text for your images, keyword optimisation (but not stuffing) and social sharing. The more optimised it is for search engines, the more it will be viewed and drive traffic to other areas of your site.

Don’t rely on it!

While having evergreen content on your business blog is important, it should not be the only form of content. It is absolutely fine to write seasonal or topical content as well. Take the current COVID-19 crisis, for example, it (hopefully!) won’t be relevant in a year or two, but at the moment, it is and articles that discuss it will bring traffic to your site as people want to read about it. While they won’t be relevant forever, they are very relevant NOW. It also shows that as a business, you are up to date with current affairs and developments.

A good content strategy combines evergreen content with topical articles. Don’t rely on one or the other to bring traffic to your business website.

A good content strategy combines evergreen content with topical articles. Don't rely on one or the other to bring traffic to your business website. Click To Tweet

If you are looking for an experienced content writer who can write relevant and optimised evergreen content, please get in touch with me today!

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