About Me

Well, hi there!

I’m Rachel and I love to write.

Before I had my children (four of them!), I was a primary school teacher, but somewhere along the line, I ended up blogging, and well, here I am!

I have two blogs: Coffee, Cake Kids, which is my personal one, and The Freelancer Blog, which is aimed at freelancers and small business owners.

I’m a Brummie girl by birth but moved to glorious North Wales in 2016. We live right on the coast (hence Coastal Content!) and it is truly magnificent. Beach one side, mountains the other. What more could a girl want?

As well as writing, I like other stuff. I’m a keen photographer, I love going for walks on the beach and planning activities for my kids. I drink far too much coffee, have an unhealthy obsession with David Beckham (I will marry him one day!) and am a passionate supporter of Aston Villa. Someone has to be!

I have always loved to write. As a child, I would make up stories and now as an adult, I get to help people tell their stories. Because that’s what I do. I am merely just a cog in your well-oiled machine, the narrator of your story. You have the starring role, I simply put it into words for you.